Skatch Clothing - Wear Your Roots On Your Sleeve

The sky is the limit. Expanding into a wide variety of products, you can expect to see items that fit into the lifestyles of its customers. Whether it’s t-shirts for everyday wear, polos for that early morning tee time, tank tops to wear to the beach or bunny hugs (hoodies) for those cooler nights by the camp fire, Skatch clothing is going to be there, and not just online, but in select stores across the province.

Company Overview
Skatch Clothing Company (“Skatch”) is a designer and producer of high quality clothing that represent the passion and pride of the Saskatchewan people in every item it sells. The Skatch brand is centered on anything and everything Saskatchewan, from the classic wheat sheath, the company name, and recognizable slogans.

Skatch has taken the contemporary clothing line and added a twist. The line is continually evolving and includes traditional T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, bunny hugs (“hoodies” to the rest of the world), belts, hats, toques, and more. Skatch is continually adding products to its line to ensure their clothes can be worn in every season of the year creating year-round market presence to help grow the brand.

The twist comes with the design. All products are designed and printed in Saskatchewan and by local people. In 2011, Skatch went one step further with its new “Artist Series” design, which features a new item every month that is designed by an artist in Saskatchewan. These designs are limited in print and are created to support local artists. Additionally 20% of the revenue from each sale goes towards a charity of the artists choosing. This is truly a unique concept and is turning out to be a success story.

Skatch continually adds new products to the line and subsequently retires products as well. Many designs of Skatch are limited production designs with some specific designs being numbered collectibles. This strategy creates a continually changing design theme and grows long-term customer retention with new and fresh products and by knowing they have limited edition apparel that they can be proud to wear.

Skatch continues to develop its following through its Facebook page and Twitter feed, and those have not gone unnoticed as the company was featured on CBC TV in early 2011. The customers of Skatch follow the company and the owners interact with them on upcoming designs, colour sets, and ensure that the customers’ wants are met. Skatch is truly integrating its business to involve its customers in the passion of this growing business.